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Girls General Info.


Yorktowne Volleyball is a member of the USAV, KRVA, and AAU volleyball associations. 2016-16 marks our 17th season as Central PA’s premier Junior Olympic Volleyball Club. In that time we have trained over 700 girls and 90% of our graduates have continued to play at the collegiate level, most having earned athletic and academic scholarships. We have competed nationally at the USA National Championships (Open), AAU National championships, Las Vegas Invitational, Chicago Qualifier, NEQ Qualifier, Big South Qualifier and Tampa Qualifier. By choosing Yorktowne, you will be training with the elite players in South Central PA. Our coaches have experience playing and coaching at the High School, USA and NCAA levels and understand what it takes to compete and excel. This past season was another successful season for YTVB!

This page is for general information.  It is highly suggested that players and parents attend the parents meeting each year to get current information.  Please click the link below to visit the current tryout information.

2017/18 Girls Tryouts


Each team will practice 2 nights per week (Tuesdays or Thursdays: 6-8 or 8-10pm and Sunday: 4-6 or 6-8 pm).  There are times that Sundays practices will be canceled due to a tournament.  All training occurs at the 7th Street (North York) facility.  We have used other gyms in the past if there was a scheduling conflict, but this is our home gym.  Parents are welcomed to watch practices from the upstairs gallery in the main gym, or from the hallway area in the auxiliary gym.  We ask that parents do not watch from the court area for safety concerns.

Season Length

The length of the season goes from tryouts in mid-November until Regional Championships, typically the first weekend in May.  There are typically 8-10 events in the season.  Some are single day events and some are multi-day events.  Teams may they “reform” in late spring to begin training for the Girl’s Junior National Championships in late June/early July. 


Multiple Sport Athletes

We love training with multiple sports athletes, and we know the challenges this can create with logistics.  We work with other sports coaches to make sure the player can participate in multiple sports.  In-season high school sports are the athletes top priority, and we recognize that.  We just ask that on the weeks of major events (bid tournaments, national events, or regional championships), the athlete put a higher priority on Yorktowne practice, to prepare for the event.  We also ask there there be a clear line of communication with the coaches, so that they can prepare practice and game plans for the entire team.



There are three typical event types that we attend:

  • Single Day Regional Event (No overnight accommodations required, usually in a 2-hour radius to York).
  • Multi-Day Event (may or may not require accommodations, depends on location)
  • Qualifier Event ( a Multi-day event that requires accommodations and possible air travel – locations vary by team).


Tryouts will be held over multiple days.  While not required, we highly recommend attending each season.  This will give the coaches more time to evaluate players.  Tryouts are grouped by age.  If a player is trying out for multiple age groups, please register in the “true” age group, then notify the check-in table that your daughter will be trying out for multiple age groups.

Tryouts are a combination of  skill assessment, drills, and game play.  College coaches do attend our tryouts, so please make sure players come in ready to work hard.  Any tryout registrations 30 days prior to tryouts are non-refundable.

Teams Fielded

We typically field teams at the 12 & Under, 13 & Under, 14 & Under, 15 & Under, 16 & Under, 17 & Under, and 18 & Under levels.  Depending on players, we may combine age groups to for a team.  When that happens, the team must play at the level of the oldest players.  There are also seasons when we field multiple teams at an age group.  Team designation (National vs Travel) will be determined once player selection and the offer process is complete.  We often field multiple “National” teams at certain age groups.  Player under the age of 12 are encouraged to tryout out for our 12 & Under team.  We often have players who are 10 or 11 years old playing.


Team Selection

Offers to the player may happen at any time during the tryout process.  Per region rules (, offers must be made to the parents via email and all responses (offer acceptance/decline) must include the region director as well (this information will be provided in the offer e-mail).  The player has 48 hours from the timestamp of the offer to accept or decline.  Yorktowne is not permitted to change/revoke an offer to the player, with the following exceptions:

  • A player gets a new offer for a higher level team (example: Player John is offered a spot on the 18 Orange team, but later a spot opens up on the 18 Blue National team, a new offer will go out for the 18 Blue team).
  • A team folds or merges with another team (sometimes there are not enough players to field the original offer team, so a team is either merged with another team or canceled).

We realize that this process is very stressful and we do our best to inform players and parents about the very fluid situation.  Please make sure you address any concerns or questions with the coach making the offer before you accept. Once a player accepts via e-mail, they are bound to that club for the season, unless the club and the region approve a release.  Please review all the details in the offer email and the players/parents Bill of Rights attached to your tryout registration e-mail.

A final thought of team selection:  We understand that a lot of players and parents prefer to be on the “Ones” team.  While it is not possible that every player makes the top team, we have constantly have had our second, third, and even fourth teams perform at a high level and also qualify for nationals.  Our second, third, and fourth teams have also been ranked higher than other clubs tops teams.  We take a lot of pride in training our all athletes and preparing them to play at the next level.

Season Cost

The cost of the entire season varies by team.  The chart below is an estimate, based on the historical costs of previous years.  Most teams field 10 players, so any team having more or less players will greatly effect the total cost.  Season dues include the following:

  • Training sessions (2x per week – we have built in snow days and event overlap days)
  • Uniforms (typical 3 jerseys, 2 shorts, Jacket or hoodie, backpack)
  • Coaches pay and travel expenses.
  • Limited positional training (dates, times, length vary per season)
  • Free off court clinics (college recruiting, metal training, etc)

Payment Options

We accept check (please no cash), money orders, and credit card payments.  We also break dues up into 4 payments:

  • Deposit of $500 (Due with offer acceptance)
  • Remaining balance due in 3 payments (due the first Friday in November, December, and January).

Any payments that go beyond 10 days late will result in tournament suspension until the account is brought current.  Any accounts that are 30 days past due will result in practice and tournament suspension, as well as possible late fees and collection fees as outlined in the Players & Parents handbook.

We will go to great lengths to help our players and parents out, but communication is key.


Yorktowne offers numerous fundraising options to help offset the cost.  Players are able to fundraise up to the total amount of their dues (not beyond).  Fundraising lasts all season, and any credits after payments have been made will be refunded.  Any fundraising over the cost of the dues will be applied to the Yorktowne scholarship fund.  The details on each fundraiser will be posted on the booster website/webpage each season.  Yorktowne will take a small percentage from each fundraiser to cover any expenses.  Those percentages will be outlined with each fundraiser.  Typical return to players is between 90-95% of the fundraising profit.

Hotel Accommodations

Some events that we play in are called “Stay to Play” events.  These events require the teams to stay in hotels approved (and sometimes assigned) by the event.  We have very little control over these accommodations.  Yorktowne requires that players room with their families.  We have found this to be the most cost effective way for families.  It makes sense to us to let your daughter stay with you, and not have to pay for another room.  If a parent/guardian is unable to travel, a players room will be booked and chaperone details will be worked out on a per player basis.  Yorktowne will send out a lodging request sheet prior to the event.  Yorktowne will book, but not pay, these rooms.  Typically, a parent/guardian will log on to a website and confirm the room with the hotel or booking agency.  If teams fail to meet the required room amount, they may be removed from event.  The hotels for “Stay to Play” usually are required to meet certain criteria to be used by an event, so they are typically the major hotel chains you would normally book with (Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, etc.).  Hotel accommodations are not included in the season dues, and are paid directly to the hotel via the parent/guardian, with the exception of any players traveling without a parent/guardian. For players traveling with a parent/guardian, an invoice will be created and added to your season dues.

Air Travel

Any events that require air travel will be booked and paid for directly from the parents/guardians.  In the event that a parent/guardian is not flying, we will do our best to get a coach on the same flight.  We highly suggest that players pack their uniforms and playing shoes in their carry-on luggage, to prevent issues should your checked baggage get lost or delayed.


Yorktowne is staffed by certified USA Volleyball coaches.  Our coaches come from a variety of backgrounds such as professional coaches, college coaches, high school coaches, and alumni.  All our coaches are background screened through USA Volleyball, as well as the required screenings by the state of Pennsylvania.  Most of our coaches have been with us for over 5 years, and continue with coaching education each year.